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Our timing for delivery varies based on the specifications of your project. However, we will work with you to meet your timeline and can often complete the job within the same day.

We do not have a standard price list. All our jobs are customized to each individual client.

We can provide a quote based on the nature of the Job.

We provide proofs of all our customized print projects. This may either be digital or printed proof.

At Canterra Reprographics, we use the finest paper available in the market. We carry a wide variety of coated and uncoated paper of different weights. We also print on adhesive paper, transparencies. We can also order specialty paper to meet your printing objectives.

PDF Files are best for printing documents, as they retain formatting information and allows them to be printed the way you see on your computer.

To print photos without losing quality, send images, PNG and TIFF format work best. JEPG files compress the image, which may reduce the image quality.

We can print up to 60”and scan up to 54”.

The largest image that we can laminate is 60” wide.

We have various binding services to choose from: coil, wire-o, cerlox, Velo, tape, saddle stitch and perfect binding.

You can send your files through our online forms either by uploading them, by providing the Google Docs link, by emailing it to us or by giving us a Dropbox link.

We are located in the Devon tower, conveniently on the +15. Our address is 400 3 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2P 4H2.

We can be reached via phone at (403) 237-6167 or via email.